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Welcome to the new website!

Thanks for coming to visit. We’ve made some big changes for Teacher Stickers including:

  • Updating the look and feel of the website
  • Reducing the minimum order quantity to 70 stickers for $7 (excluding shipping)
  • Creating better, more useful and easy to read invoices.
  • New membership plans including automatic 10% discounts for every subsequent order after your first (If you’ve already bought from us in the past. This has already been added to your existing account!
  • Lots of other fun stuff in the background.

We hope you enjoy the new website. Please let us know if you find anything that isn’t working properly or that you think we could improve.

If you are a returning customer, welcome back, and please use the reset password option on the login page (security measure won’t allow us to transfer your password from the old website).

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