Teacher Stickers started with a christmas present. My wife (one of many teachers in the family) needed the perfect present to give to her team for Christmas in 2014. She’d already decided on some personalised stickers, but just couldn’t find the right ones anywhere.

They had to be bright and colourful, not the same stickers that everyone else had, and they needed to be awesome, modern images, something that stood out and made people take notice. So being the “computer guy” in the family, I was set the task of coming up with designs and having the stickers printed.

While the first stickers were definitely not the greatest, they did build a passion for something a little bit different, something that stood out from all the others. Pretty soon people asked about getting some stickers for themselves, and that’s how Teacher Stickers came to be.

We’re an (extended) family business and very proud to spend our time making something that you, your students, and their parents can appreciate. We now have another awesome family helping to offer the same personalised service to the teachers in New Zealand (you can find them at teacherstickers.co.nz).

If you have any questions for us, want to suggest some new sticker ideas, or just want to say hello you can contact us using the form below, or find us on Facebook

Scott Mackenzie


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