Teacher Merit Stickers – 25mm Square assorted images, Personalised Name

$7.70 inc. GST

These merit stickers for teachers are personalised with your name. Each set contains an assortment of images including zoo animals, sea animals, space, robots and insects in various vivid colours.

Your “Teacher Name” for printing. No emojis sorry.


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Teacher merit stickers personalised with your name.
Each set contains 70 x 25mm Square stickers in assorted colours and pictures with 10 messages. If you prefer to have a set with only one picture theme, look through the available options to choose the theme you like best. You can choose from Monsters, Space, Insects, Sea Animals, Robots, Dinosaurs, Art, Reading and Zoo Animals.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 × .01 cm